Can Compression Socks Be Of Any Help When You Have Shin Splints?

Lately, right in the middle of your morning run routine, have you felt a dull ache in your lower leg’s front part? Or, while doing your favorite gym workout, have you felt any sort of pain like this?

Take note that if you have increasing weakness and numbness in your feet, soreness or tenderness along the lower leg’s inner parts, slightly swollen lower leg, pain along the lower leg’s inner part, muscle pain in the back and front, pain on both sides of the shin bone, then you might have shin splints.

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About shin splints

The pain experienced by an individual along the shin bone is known as shin splints. The shin bone is a large bone that is there along the lower leg’s front and shin splints are quite common among the military, dancers, runners, and those who are into a high-intensity workout regime. The increase in training and activities overworks the bone tissue, tendons, and muscles, which can lead to Tibial Stress Syndrome or shin splints. You can still get shin splints, even if you are not an athlete, i.e if you have naturally weak calf muscles or stiff arches or flat feet.

Benefits of using compression socks when you have shin splints

Other than going for proper stretches and warm-ups, if you wear premium-quality compression socks, then it can help ease or prevent the symptoms of shin splints by:

  • Reliving pain

Lessening inflammation can help relieve Tibial Stress Syndrome or shin splint pain as compression socks work well on the injury site. The compression from your compression socks helps your body in getting rid of the lactic acid that stimulates the soreness of the muscles. This can help with muscular pain.

  • Increasing blood flow

Compression socks give light pressure to your ankles and feet, with the pressure generally easing as it goes up your calves. This pressure allows healthier blood circulation to the shins, further helping the blood move back to your heart. Remember, increased blood flow is crucial for healing as it offers the required nutrients to the area and keeps the muscles ready for workouts or exercises.

  • Fighting stiffness and swelling

Compression socks can lessen the possibility of painful stiffness and swelling by compressing the area where shin splints take place. This will be particularly helpful for you if you have recently suffered from Tibial Stress Syndrome and want the prevention of swelling.

  • Boosting your performance

Wearing compression socks not just helps to prevent shin splints but they work great to enhance your performance too. Your movements become better with less leg and foot fatigue with increased blood flow.

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