If you thought becoming a Sock Distributor in the clothing and accessory segment is easy, we’re about to make it much easier. The Sock Manufacturers is one of the leading names in the industry, trusted by hundreds of socks distributors around the world. We don’t just offer the best quality products but also provide our wholesale sock distributors the opportunities to scale and enjoy higher returns. So, if you’ve long been wondering how to become a socks distributor, hand-in-hand with The Sock Manufacturers, venture on a journey to build a successful business.

Who Are We?

It’s a big step and commitment, we understand. So, it only makes sense that you want to know more about us.

The Sock Manufacturers is one of the leading sock manufacturers in the USA. Based in California, USA, we offer an extensive collection of custom socks. Our large portfolio packs everything, right from athletic, casual and sublimation socks to compression, sports and winter socks – ensuring to cover the needs of the bulk buyers adequately.

We have a large and state-of-art manufacturing facility that’s adept to produce socks in large quantities. About quality, we make use of the best materials and advanced technology that enable our socks to be of superior quality. They are breathable and have good wicking properties. They deliver maximum comfort and a remarkable experience to the wearers per their needs.

Why The Sock Manufacturers?

As a premier name in the industry, The Sock Manufacturers flexes a solid track record. We have hundreds of wholesale sock distributors around the world who trust us. We believe in rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit. We give a host of reasons to business owners to be with us. Why us?

  • Get superior quality socks. Nothing less.
  • Wide range of collections under a single roof. So, if you’re planning to focus on any particular niche over going after “everyone”, our catalog of custom socks has you covered.
  • End-to-end customization option. Get exactly what you (or your target audience) want.
  • Affordable pricing. We leverage advanced technologies that help us save in the cost of production, which we pass on to our socks distributors.
  • Enjoy 24/7 sales and customer support. So, if you need any help, at any time, we have a team ready to assist you.
  • 100 percent satisfaction assured. We believe a relationship is built and sustains when the experience of both parties are good. We try hard to deliver our socks distributors a great experience.
  • A simple and straightforward process to become our distributor.

How to Become a Sock Distributor?

Becoming a distributor of The Sock Manufacturers is simple and straight forward. Fill in the Business Account Application form; provide accurate information. Once we receive the application, we’ll review it. We will make sure that it matches our eligibility criteria and policies. If yes, if our team is satisfied with your application, we will have a proposal discussion with you to understand your bulk needs, provide you additional information, and answer your questions.

After that, you can submit your request for a free quotation of any specific collection you like in our catalog. We’ll provide you with the distributor kit and wholesale price list.

So, what are you waiting for? Please fill in the form below and let’s get this going. Become a socks distributor of The Sock Manufacturers and stride forward to build a successful business.


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