Wearing Crew Socks With Shorts – Is It Possible?

Are you someone who just loves to experiment with fashion? Have you ever tried wearing crew socks with shorts? No? You must!

Traditionally, socks shouldn’t be visible with shorts. It’s considered no less than a fashion disaster. However, you can wear crew socks with shorts (though only casually).

Keep in mind these few useful tips to rock such a combination effortlessly:

About The Color Of Your Crew Socks

The most important factor to consider? It’s the color of your socks. Going with the wrong color when choosing from wholesale crew socks can kill your look. If you are going for bright-colored shoes or shorts, the color of your socks should be plain. Going for a combination of too many colors at a time can confuse the viewer. Ensure that the color of your socks is more on the subtle end.

Consider The Length

The crew socks’ length ranges from mid-calf length to ankle length. And, because of the choice, it’s easy to go wrong when deciding what length to wear with your attire. When wearing shorts, it’s crucial to understand what sock size is appropriate. Go for longer socks if you wish to add a bit of flair to your outfit. Also, if you want to stand apart in the crowd by drawing attention to them even more, then mid-calf length socks would be ideal. Usually, ankle-length crew socks look great with shorts.

Think About The Style Of The Shorts

There are many kinds of shorts available in the market and you need to choose the style carefully. When it’s about wearing crew socks with shorts, the best short style to go for is the chino shorts. Denim shorts can also look good as long as your shoes and socks are plain.

When It’s About Shoes…

Be very careful with the shoes and never go with just anything random. Sneakers look great along with crew socks. They are casual, cool, and have a lot of personality. Low-top or standard sneakers are just perfect.

Things Are Meant To Be Strictly Casual

Keep this style solely for casual events. However, this particular attire’s casual nature allows for more liberty in experimentation than the conservative, conventional style. If you want you can experiment with quirky patterned socks, various sock lengths, and different styles of shoes.

Avoid going for the shorts-crew socks combination at formal events.

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