How To Do It All Right With White Socks

White. The superhero essential for your outfit. Your beloved white Oxford Shirt. Your favorite white t-shirt. Some reliable white shoes. A bunch of white socks.

There is force in its simplicity: white is clean, calm, and simple. And, like your go-to white t-shirt, white socks are a consistently trendy yet polished option that you can count on no matter the season.

White socks are fresh, bright, and clean, and they provide apparently unlimited sartorial choices. From casual plain white socks with jeans and trainers to classic white sports socks, to channeling Paul Newman and tackling the smart white socks trend, a variety of cotton plain white socks has you covered.

Are White Socks In Fashion?

essential white socks fashion trends

The short answer is ‘yes‘. White socks have recently had a beautiful style resurgence.

White socks have emerged from the depths of the sock drawer, throwing off the shackles of their previous gym outfit image and embracing their nostalgic charm. Despite its notoriety, this sock hue is surprisingly easy to handle in a range of stylistic scenarios.

Celebrities have demonstrated that white socks can fit into every dress code, from Paul Newman’s image on the classic Riva to Rami Malek‘s GQ look of white socks and black patent brogues to Tyler, the Creator’s straight-up streetwear approach. Simply Sartorial in Cream, with light summer tailoring or trousers?

Right on. Simply Active Crew socks in White Cream with shorts for a relaxed varsity look?

Always a winner. Simply Trainer socks in White Cream with navy shorts are a subtle homage to the white socks trend.

How To Wear Simple White Socks With White Trainers?

White socks with trainers-nothing could be more natural? However, there are several limits to wearing white socks and trainers.

celebrities inspired white socks appearance

For those who like the no-socks appearance with shorts, subtle white invisible socks are a comfy, no-show choice that feels fantastic while remaining undetectable. Alternatively, add a stylish but subtle pop with Simply Trainer socks in cream, which have all the features of the iconic Simply Sartorial but sit precisely on the ankle.

The idea is to go for off-white trainers or white trainers with contrasting trim. For the ultimate laid-back, classic appearance.

Simply Active organic cotton socks in Cotton White – choose crew length for a ’90s edge or ankle for a barely-there favorite. Wear with off-white shoes, blue cotton-twill shorts, and a short-sleeved shirt over a white T for a classy California look.

Flash Of White Socks Around The Ankle Might Really Be Clever

If you recall anything about dressing smartly, you were probably instructed to avoid white socks at all costs. You’ve probably seen that Paul Newman photo before.

The image shows this best-dressed man appearing effortlessly fashionable and sophisticated on a boat. While white socks were previously the indication of the fashionably challenged, they were also the sign of a well-dressed gentleman.

How do you put together an exquisite white sock ensemble? Avoid all-white outfits, and instead opt for cream or stone chinos.

Plimsols are a traditional shoe match, so try something darker for contrast, and complete the look with a soft gray pullover and darker overshirt. For a more sophisticated look, pair darker pants with plain white socks and off-white sneakers, and add a pullover in a brighter block color.

White Socks And Jeans: Definitely a Winner!

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A classic combination. Whether you go for the classic laid-back ‘tube sock‘ vibe of Simply Active Crew socks in Cotton White with faded denim, or something a little sharper, white sock with jeans are a really polished combination that is surprisingly easy to pull off.

White Sports Socks Are An Enduring Classic

Not all sportswear is made equal. Simply Active socks in Cotton White are ergonomically designed with a breathable mesh, incorporated cushioning, and integrated arch support to be both useful and fashionable, so you can get your daily step count while going to the pub rather than sprinting around the park.

These pristine white socks are also available in ankle, crew, and quarter lengths, making them suitable for a wide range of sports shoes, from Converse to high-top Air Jordans. These organic cotton white sports socks also coordinate with all of your existing attire and footwear, so don’t toss away that old-school Rugby shirt or Nikes just yet.

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How Do You Wear White Socks This Year?

Plain white socks could not be more current. White socks were formerly considered a fashion faux pas, a style decision reserved for youngsters and the ‘ensembly challenged‘, but they are now a sign of genuine sartorial acumen.

And maligning them is a certain method to carbon date yourself two decades older than you are. There are two methods to become a modern master of the plain white sock today:

Laidback Flashback: The resurgence of the ‘90s dad-style trend – think simple white sports socks – provides an opportunity to embrace your inner Chandler Bing. Simply Active crew in Cotton White, sweater vests, loose-fit washed denim, boxy shirts, and Reebok classics. Or ’90s ‘normcore,’ as the kids refer to it.

Smart: White socks feel more relaxed with tailored trousers. In lighter months, pair them with cream chinos or olive green pants, brown loafers, and cream-ribbed Simply Sartorials. Add a knit polo and you’re right on trend.

How To Keep White Socks White

cleaning tips of white socks

Great white socks bring great responsibility. Follow a few basic tips to keep your socks feeling out-of-the-box white for a longer period of time.

Do not wear them more than once in a row.

Wash them on a regular basis, inside out, at 30º maximum temperature.

Always wash white socks separately from colored apparel.

Stubborn discoloration? Try:

Lemon Juice: Lemon juice is antibacterial, antiseptic, and a natural bleach. Place your not-so-white socks in warm water filled with fresh lemon juice for a couple of hours to perform miracles.

Baking Soda: Immerse your socks in a warm sink filled with a hefty dusting of baking soda for many hours. Wring them dry, and then machine wash them as normal. This time, add 150ml to 200 ml of baking soda to the detergent drawer alongside your regular detergent.

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