Are you Curious about Compression Socks? Here is What you Need to Know about Them!

Beginning from the ritual of hanging socks on Christmas Eve hoping to get a beautiful gift from Santa Clause, till the masters handing out socks to an Elf to free them from their slavery- socks do not just exist as a mere garment, but also as a symbol for a lot of other aspects of human lives! From entertainment to clothing and cultural significance to the sock’s standards dictating the man’s one, the socks are a greater idea than just clothing and fashion.

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We are all aware of what socks can do and help us with. They include providing warmth, protecting the feet from shoe bites and other external problems, representing fashion, etc. but do you know that there has been a newcomer to this industry, and that is the compression socks. They bear a lot of health benefits and are also suitable for those who lead an active life, or something that includes a strenuous time for the legs and feet. One of the most exciting things about compression socks is that their range of designs, colors, looks, and materials are extremely versatile. So, you have an excuse to dress up for heading out every time! One of the best compression socks manufacturers usa stocks up all the latest arrivals in the market and offers amazing deals on their bulk sales. Read on to this blog more, and gain enriching insights into the world of compression socks.

Types of Compression Socks

There are mainly three types of compression socks, but whichever you choose to buy, make sure they fit you well-

  1. Graduated Compression Stocking – These are the ones that are more compressed towards the ankle and then it decreases gradually upwards. They are used to meet certain medical level length and strength standards. They aid the most in better mobility.
  2. Non-Medical Support Hosiery – As the name suggests, these are non-medical in nature therefore you do not need a prescription to get these. Although, they are elastic in support of the material and flight socks. They are used to relieve the legs from aches or tiredness.
  3. Anti-Embolism Stockings – These are designed along the lines of graduated compression stocking, differing in the level of compressibility. These are designed for those who are having temporary or permanent issues in mobility.

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How do they Work Exactly?

The innovation of the compression socks was indeed a boon to the clothing industry and the entire population of the world as well. Their varieties of designs, purposes and uses can never be met by other categories of socks, at least in this market where the health factor is deteriorating with each passing day.

  1. They decrease the diameter of the major veins by increasing the blood flow, its velocity and volume.
  2. They push up the blood towards the heart and into the arteries.
  3. They prevent the blood from refluxing downwards or in the lateral superficial veins.

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What are the Benefits of these Socks?

The compression socks can be known as the bomb of health benefits. Not kidding. The range of advantages that they provide us with, along with their purpose of aiding health maintenance is simply something to respect.

  1. Supports Veins – They support the veins by controlling blood flow in the legs
  2. Increases Blood Circulation – Pumps up blood by compressing the veins, thereby increasing blood circulation.
  3. Reduce Leg Swelling – If you are suffering from leg swelling, you must put these on!
  4. Prevent Pooling of Blood to the Feet – You must be aware of the numb feeling in the feet that turns into that of a thousand needles pricking you… yeah, that is what pooling of blood is. Compression stockings prevent that.
  5. Improves Health by Taking Care of Several Medical Conditions – The health benefits of compression socks are enchanting. These are medically prescribed and used.

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If you have reached this part of the blog then you must have understood how important this innovation is. The apparel industry and the advancement of science and technology, as well as the medical scenario as a whole have come a long way, they have always tried to support our lives and are still doing so. If you are a retailer or a business owner who is willing to rack up your stores with the highest quality of compression socks, just check out the catalog and dial up the number to place your bulk order. You can also experiment with a popular notion- just put an egg in a sock and spin it as fast as you can. When you crack the egg, you will see that the albumen is inside and the yolk is outside! Well, on a serious note, private label compression socks are fast selling products and are available in exclusive designs. So, to grab the best of designs, hurry up!

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