Your Guide to Choosing the Correct Sports Socks

If you really want to take your exercise seriously, then you need to invest in workout gear mindfully. The correct apparel and even accessories like socks will help to elevate your workout routine.

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If you are a regular runner, how your sock reacts to sweat is you main concern. If your sock absorbs the moisture without removing it, it will cause discomfort and friction that will lead to blisters. What you need to look for is a padded sock made of synthetic material, such as acrylic or polyester, which will wick away excess moisture from the feet.


You might think that if a sock is suitable for running, it should be more than capable of handling a walk. For such activity, you should choose socks made out of natural Merino wool. This wool is hydrophilic, meaning it absorbs moisture, but is also softer and more breathable than the synthetic options available everywhere.


For hiking, there are two key characteristics you should look for when choosing a pair of socks. Firstly, opt for a variant that has adequate padding, to protect your feet from the hard and uneven terrain. Secondly, height, to keep out material such as rocks and twigs, as well as protect the ankle/lower-leg region from stings, cuts, and abrasions.


If most of your workout in the gym is focused on running or walking, then you should stick to the common sock types designed for those workouts. But if you’re going for an all-round workout, then it and the intensity of the workout is likely to be inconsistent, you should put function before comfort and go for socks made of a breathable synthetic material, to ensure they stay dry throughout the duration of the workout session.

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