Why You Should Not Put Away Your Compression Socks This Summer

When the temperature rises in the summer, it can be tempting to store your compression socks before the cool weather returns. However, for those who wear compression socks daily for fitness, convenience, or per physician’s instructions, discontinuing compression therapy can have harmful effects on your vein and leg health – particularly in the summer!

Your leg and vein swelling issues can worsen in the summer sun. When your body heats up, the veins expand as a natural calming mechanism, causing more blood to circulate to the skin’s surface. When veins dilate, the overheated body has difficulty returning all of the blood from the extremities to the heart. As a result, fluid will accumulate in the lower feet and legs, causing swelling and water retention. Compression socks increase circulation and blood supply by assisting in the return of blood to the heart, effectively eliminating and avoiding swelling and related leg pain.

Wearing compression socks helps to avoid open wounds and ulcers.  Increased swelling can result in more open wounds. Skin gets thin and sore without the help of compression socks. Scratches and wounds will then progress to severe wounds or ulcers, which require a long time to heal.

Compression socks can aid in the treatment of varicose veins.  Varicose veins can be both irritating and unsightly. They grow as the veins enlarge and weaken over time. Wearing compression socks increases drainage and can delay the growth of varicose veins by holding veins similar to normal size. So, if you want to protect the varicose veins, continue to wear compression in the summer.

Summer travel is also made more convenient with compression socks. It’s summer, and it’s time to hit the track! Wear compression socks to protect your feet when you’re traveling by vehicle, train, or plane. It will increase blood pressure and make you feel more at ease. This is especially useful on planes, where cramped quarters and high cabin pressure can exacerbate circulatory issues.

When it comes to compression socks, there are some stylish options for the season. These are available in light fabrics that are ideal for the summer weather, as well as fun designs! Shop the patterned lightweight socks from popular compression sock manufacturers USA. You’ll stay calm and relaxed while keeping your legs in good shape. To beat the summer swell in style, use cotton compression socks that are naturally breathable and have all-day climate and moisture cover. A dress is a perfect summer choice that is easy to style and can be paired with both striped and solid compression socks.

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