Why Wool Socks Aren’t Just For The Colder Months

When you discover that an item of clothing is made of wool, you immediately think of that itchy winter sweater from your grandmother that always keeps you just a bit too toasty and a little unpleasant. Take that yarn you’re thinking about right now and push it out of your head. We need to have a clean slate, with no previous encounters with wool clouding your judgment.

Today, we will discuss wool performance socks, which are very different in construction and design from that fluffy wool sweater you despise. Wool is utilized in many performances running garments, and socks are super popular. Here are some facts about wholesale wool socks that you may not have known, also the reasons behind their appeal.

  • Wool isn’t simply for keeping warm in the winter. When you imagine wool running socks, you might believe that they are great for winter running and that they would make your feet feel uncomfortable during summer jogging. Wool’s insulating qualities also allow it to function effectively during your warmer runs, protecting your feet from the heat and keeping your body temperature stable. It’s also worth noting that thin, lightweight wool socks available don’t have the heavy winter sock feel. These are the best for your summer runs.
  • Wool is simple to care for. Wool running socks may be washed in the same manner as for regular running socks. It is advised that you hang them to dry, but this is no different from the care recommendations for your other running socks. The time it takes for them to dry is the only difference. It’s worth noting that wool socks appear to take much longer to air dry after cleaning than synthetic socks.
  • Wool does not retain odors. That means you can wear it for many runs without getting too hot. On a more serious note, the inherent antibacterial qualities of wool keep the smell at bay while you sweat, which is convenient if you’re going on a multi-day trip or traveling and don’t have time to clean your running socks. Wool socks are worth a try if you are a runner who suffers from foot odor.

Wool socks have several applications, including summer running, and they are an excellent tool to have in your running arsenal.

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