Why Do You Need Non-Grip Yoga Socks For A Seamless Workout?

Non slip yoga socks have increased in popularity in recent years. Both experienced yogis and newcomers have decided for various reasons that they’d rather practice in socks instead of going barefoot. Socks provide an added layer of comfort and grip so you’re not slipping on your yoga mat during practice.

One of the popular socks manufacturers in USA has got the best collection of extensive non-slip yoga socks.Hence, make sure to invest in these to offer your customers premium workout accessories.

Open Toe Yoga Socks

The wholesale yoga socks supplier makes several different varieties of socks, but the open-toe socks that have become the standard by which all yoga socks are measured. These socks are great if you want to get a better grip on your mat which is a smart accessory choice. Toe socks for yoga are unisex items but they do come in several sizes. Consult their sizing chart below to get the best fit for either gender.

Low Rise Grip Socks

The low rise socks cover the entire foot from just below the ankle to the middle of the toes. This design provides terrific traction while still giving the sensation that you’re doing yoga barefoot. They’re made from 90% cotton and 8% spandex, which gives them enough stretchiness to fit your foot while remaining snug. You can also find stylish variants every season which is perfect for updating the collection at your store.

Full Toe Ankle Socks

If you don’t like the open-toe feel, the full-toe ankle sock is definitely the best choice for you. These socks are much appreciated by the customers, thanks to the breathable organic cotton construction and nice fit just above the ankle. These socks provide a fitted heel design so the socks won’t ever bunch up or get loose. Available in unique colorful variants like salmon pink, white, kingfisher blue, etc.

Retail customers who wish to purchase trendy and performance attributed socks for their store can contact one of the popular socks suppliers in USA. All you need to do is browse through the expansive collection, select the required pieces and state the bulk needs to the help team.

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Why Do You Need Non-Grip Yoga Socks For A Seamless Workout?

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