Socks to Go with your Halloween Costume

Have you begun to plan your Halloween costume? If not, it’s not too early to start brainstorming ideas. There are numerous thigh-high socks available that can be worn with either DIY or non-DIY Halloween costumes. We’re going to show you what you can pair them with to make an easy costume this year! Of course, there are numerous approaches to creating your outfit, but we hope these will spark your creativity! And if you’re looking for costumes at the last minute, you can still use these simple additions to any Halloween costume.

Cow: Create a DIY cow costume by cutting felt into spot shapes and sewing or gluing them to a white tee and bottoms. The thigh-high cow socks will keep you warm while also complementing your outfit!

Ladybug: Pair a ladybug costume with red-orange and black dot thigh-high socks, or make your own with a dotted tee and black tutu. Perhaps felt dots on a red/orange shirt? Look for a ladybug headband as well.

Unicorn: Wear a white tutu or a multicolored tutu with a white top or bodysuit. Wear a unicorn headband and your.

Candy Corn: If you can find a candy corn dress or costume, that’s fantastic. If not, you can make one by hand using a plain tee and orange and yellow fabric paint from a craft store. Combine it with these adorable candy corn socks and a pointed hat.


Wicked Witch: Dress up like your favorite witch, complete with striped socks in your favorite color. We’d choose purple or green and pair it with a black dress, a witch hat, and a broomstick.

Flower Child: Wear your rainbow-colored peace sign socks with only tie-dye shorts and shirt or a tie-dye dress with vibrant flats and headband. You can also wear a peace sign necklace.

Baseball Player or Risky Business: The Risky Business costume requires a huge white button-up shirt, thigh-high red-stripe socks, and sunnies. You could use the same socks to dress up as a soccer or baseball player. If you can’t afford a jersey, you can make one out of a tee and a dollar store ball.

Other designs on Chrissy’s Knee High Socks include a cat, a panda, a fox, and others. There are also socks for costumes and outfits for other holidays!

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