How To Take Care Of Your Socks To Make Them Last Longer?

Your socks go through a demanding schedule on your feet every day. They have it worst while still letting you walk that extra mile in comfort, quite literally. So, it is imperative that they need some extra TLC to keep brighter and softer for longer. And, to make the process easier we penned this informative read to help you with some easy ways you can make your favorite pair last longer.

When you are a retailer or a private label business owner reading this and thinking of placing a bulk order of socks for your collection, make sure you pick the most reputed among private label sock manufacturers Europe. This will help you choose premium quality pairs for your customers since it makes all the difference. Why? High-quality pairs courtesy of the fabric last much longer and keep one’s feet much more comfortable. So, browse well and remember to get the best ones for your collection. Additionally, to help your customers with tips to make their favorite pairs last longer, read on.

Pick the correct size

Wearing smaller-sized socks not only feels uncomfortable, but the friction of your toes with the fabric can cause holes and reduce the lifespan of your socks. Bigger socks may bunch up and the fabric might rub against each other. This will also cause harm to your socks in the long run. So, pick the right size and enjoy a relaxing fit. Plus, they last longer too.

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Wash them carefully

Washing takes a toll on any garment. This is truer when it comes to your socks since they need regular washing. However, you can minimize the wear and tear while washing by following these simple tips:

  • Use a gentle and mild detergent while washing your pair.
  • Wash a pair of white socks separately to prevent them from getting color on them from other fabrics.
  • Make sure you do not wash your pair of socks in hot water.
  • Wash them inside out. This will keep them soft and smooth from the outside and help the prints, if any, last much longer.
  • Skip the fabric softener when washing your socks. This might ruin specialized socks with moisture-wicking or other special capabilities.
  • Put them in garment bags when tossing them in the washer. This will prevent your favorite pair from rubbing against other fabrics or with the walls of the washing machine and keep them from getting damaged in the long run.

Choose air drying

If you have to tumble dry your pair of socks, make sure you use the lowest setting. Preferably air dry them and leave your socks flat when drying them to prevent the elastic from getting ruined.

Additionally, do not wring the socks after you wash them. This will help them hold their shape for a long time. Also, never iron your socks. If your socks have wrinkled, just fold them well and press them to smoothen the wrinkles.

Fold them flat

When folding and storing your socks, make sure you fold them flat and store them carefully in pairs. You can use an organizer for your closet or store them together in a big box.

Buy premium quality

All things said, the longevity of your socks also depends on the fabric of your pairs as mentioned above. So, make sure you only buy premium-quality pairs if you want them to last longer.

So, when you are a business owner reading this and thinking about placing a bulk order of socks wholesale UK, make sure you choose premium quality pairs only. This will be a boon to your customers who will love your long-lasting pairs. So, browse carefully and narrow down on a reputed private label wholesale sock supplier and place your bulk orders, today! Additionally, if you have any queries, contact their helpdesk and get them resolved.

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