All About Compression Socks And Their Major Importance In The Lives Of Many

Apart from keeping your feet dry and cozy, there are high-tech socks that are specially designed for improving or preventing health issues. And one of these specialized socks or stockings are commonly known as compression socks.

In this blog, we shall talk about these scientifically constructed socks and their functionality, especially for particular groups of people. As a business owner, interested to curate compression socks, you should place your wholesale order from one of the top-rated sock suppliers UK soon!

Basics about Compression Socks

Compression socks are created to exert mild pressure on your legs as well as your ankles. These socks help in improvement of blood circulation from your legs to your cardiovascular organ. Compression socks have been found to reduce swelling and inflammation in legs and ankles too.

The pressure applied to your legs as a result of wearing these socks assists in decreasing excess fluid in your legs to reduce aches and finally, boosts blood flow through veins till it reaches your heart.

Types of Compression Socks

Wondering how many kinds of compression socks are out there? Well, there are 3 main categories of compression stockings. You can avail the one suitable for you by consulting a doctor or health professional.

  1. Graduate compression socks – Plagued with orthostatic hypotension or peripheral edema? Then, compression socks which apply maximum pressure at the ankles and decrease its force towards the knee is the right option for you.
  2. Anti-embolism socks – This pair of stockings feature graduated compression that starts decreasing from the ankle. These socks aid in preventing deep vein thrombosis.
  3. Supportive sports compression socks – These socks are mostly worn by athletes to speed up muscle recovery after an exhaustive workout for quick relief to tired legs.

A Brief Look at the Top Benefits of Compression Socks

Whether recommended by your doctor or by your fitness trainer, wearing compression socks can provide you several advantages.

  • Boosts circulation in legs.
  • Decreases swelling in ankles and legs.
  • Improves drainage in lymphatic system.
  • Regulates orthostatic hypotension or low blood pressure when you get up
  • after long hours of being seated in one place.
  • Prevents blood from accumulating in leg veins.
  • Prevents deep vein thrombosis in legs.
  • Obstructs the development of venous ulcers.
  • Reduces pain due to varicose veins.
  • Reverses venous hypertension.

Utility of Compression Socks for Distinct Purposes

• Athletes – Apart from wearing on their feet, physically active people sometimes wear these high-tech socks on their arms or hands to increase blood flow and transportation of oxygen as they’re exercising, training or participating in a sports event. Some fitness-enthusiasts wear these wraps for speeding up their recovery after workouts.
• For those dependent on a wheelchair – If someone is bound to a wheelchair, wearing compression socks can level up blood circulation and alleviate swelling in legs.
• Pregnant ladies – Pregnant women often experience swelling in feet, ankles or legs. So, wearing compressing socks is a preventive measure to restrict the chances of painful swelling.
• For the crew or passengers on an airplane – Do you travel a lot on air flights or for long duration? Then, it’s wise to wear compression socks for increasing circulation and reducing risks of developing blood clots.
• For those who stand for hours during work duty – Compression socks are useful for these people as they assist in reduction of pain, fatigue or swelling by enhancing blood and oxygen flow in both legs and feet.

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