Will your Medicare Cover Compression Socks?

Did your doctor tell you that you must sport diabetic or compression socks? What is this all about?

Compression socks are frequently prescribed for leg swelling and varicose veins. They are also amazing for putting off that achy and tired feeling you experience when you’re on your feet all day. Compression hosiery is also advised after surgery if you should stay in bed for a long period.

Just like private label compressions socks, diabetic socks are particularly designed to offer protection and comfort for the special needs of those with diabetes. Diabetes frequently leads to circulation issues, particularly in the legs. Socks that don’t dig into the legs and weaken circulation are so useful for comfort and preventing foot ulcers.

Since your physician prescribed these socks and said they are essential for your fitness, they should be met by Medicare correct?

No, Medicare and the majority of medical insurance plans do not cover diabetic or compression socks. Even with a prescription from your physician, they are a non-covered service.

There is one exemption. If graduated compression stockings are especially prescribed for the healing of open venous stasis ulcers, they may be covered as they might be seen as wound dressings. But there are specific conditions to meet. Medicare will just cover the price of gradient compression stocks that are worn under the knee and deliver compression higher than 30 mmHg and less than 50mmHG. The coverage doesn’t apply to compressions socks prescribed for cure of circulation problems, to prevent ulcers or varicose veins.

At all times contact the insurance company to verify whether or not you have coverage before making your purchase.

Given this, why not purchase diabetic and compressions socks you like rather than the ones presented to you at the corner drug store or medical supply store?

When shopping for compression socks you might have seen the mmHg on the label. What does this denote? mmHg means millimeters of mercury and it signifies the level of compression or pressure. Those socks will offer graduated compression so the pressure is listed as a range. The higher number in the range is the amount of pressure at the foot whilst the lower number is the amount at the top of the socks.

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