Why do you Need to Pay More Heed to your Socks?

Most of the time, they’re concealed.’ ‘They’re simply practical,’ they say. ‘It doesn’t matter if they’re holey or plain — they’re just underpants’. Put a sock in it, please. You may believe that socks are one of the most tedious, essential articles of clothing you own – but if you do so every day, you’re doing it all wrong.

Socks have long been trodden all over, both literally and symbolically. We put them on in the morning and take them off at night, with little attention given to their maintenance, fashion, or style potential. Even our sock drawers’ principal function is to conceal more interesting stuff. No more. It’s time to pull our socks up, make an effort to adorn our feet, and fully embrace the possibilities of these often-overlooked items.

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Choose High-Quality Products

If you complain about your torn socks wearing through at the foot or your toes peeking through ugly holes, you just have yourself to blame. Indeed, socks don’t last forever – but if you invest in a high-quality pair from a socks manufacturing company made of good quality material, you’ll be comfy for a much, much longer time.

This material will vary depending on the nature or occasion of your employment – but start by removing all indications of synthetic or polyester mixes from your sock drawer. These fabrics will not only be less durable than their strong, all-natural siblings, but they will also cause foot perspiration. Therefore, the next time you remove your shoes in front of a woman, ensure you knock her socks off for the proper reasons – and don’t leave her squeezing her nose.

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Wool, silk, and cotton are all excellent choices. Light cotton is ideal for a summer sock, since it is deceptively durable for such a lightweight material. The same is true for silk. A decent pair of silk socks with a fine weave will also be strengthened at the toe and heel to resist regular use and washing. Finally, there’s wool, the undisputed king of sock fabrics. A woolen sock, whether thick enough for a hiking boot or thin enough to slide into your work Oxfords, will not only drain away any annoying perspiration from your foot but will also keep your feet warmer and more comfortable than you thought possible.

Patterns Should be Avoided

Quality is one thing, but style is quite another. An ill-advised polka-dot design would let down even the toughest of outdoor socks, so here’s our advice: keep it basic. It’s fine to be daring, but you want any sock peeking out from between your shoe and pant cuff to draw attention for all the right reasons.

As a result, novelty socks are out of the question. That implies no more than three shades should be used in the design on your sock, the pattern should be as simple as possible, and if you catch yourself wearing a pair with a theme sprinkled throughout them – anything from racing cars to small dinosaurs – you should locate the nearest trash and throw them away. Don’t even get us started on those ‘weekday’ socks. It’s a miracle you got dressed in the first place if you don’t realize it’s a Thursday.

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When it comes to socks, block colors are great, but aim for something a bit more lively than black or navy – and, for God’s sake, avoid dazzling white. To seem sophisticated without trying too hard, use a racing green, mid-blue, mustard, or burgundy. Nothing surpasses a block stripe – perfectly spaced and subtly colored – when it comes to patterns.

Dress Appropriately for the Occasion

Of course, the socks we’ve derided are sometimes required. If you’re going to the gym or playing squash, white socks are OK, but plain black should be your go-to for evening attire. However, while your sock collection should contain socks of various fabrics, colors, and lengths, the trick is to know when to wear them.

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Wear wool in the winter and cotton in the summer, as a rule of thumb – or should that be toe? Thinner is better for the workplace, thicker is better for outside, and thinnest is best for formal wear. If you’re going on a walk, a texture like cable-knit will work well in thick wool, and a pattern like a stripe will work well to show some individuality at the workplace. Most of it is common sense. You wouldn’t wear silk socks to the gym or wool socks to a black-tie event – and if you did, maybe those dinosaur socks were suitable for you after all.

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