What Types of Activities Require Compression Socks?

Amongst the people who are not familiar with the life changing reputation of compression socks, it has a notorious reputation of being hot, uncomfortable and unflattering.

However, there have been advancements in manufacturing technology, which has consequently resulted in endless options when it comes to premium wholesale compression socks. Therefore business owners who wish to update their accessory collection with innovative socks can read on the blog below to know more about its various uses.

For Travelling

We know travelling usually requires sitting for long periods of time, whether you are on ground or aerial transportation. Staying seated for such long hours can cause blood to pool in the feet and lower legs, even in healthy individuals. It also increases the risk of developing a thrombosis, or blood clot, in the leg veins. However, if you wear compression socks while travelling it can help prevent blood pooling and improve circulation as well.

While Standing at Work

Do you have a job where you for extended periods of time? Invest in a pair of compression socks asap! These can help you by preventing lower leg blood pooling. The action of walking actually helps improve blood flow, so if you stand at work without much walking you may experience more blood pooling in their lower legs during that time frame. Compression socks can reduce this blood pooling and reduce discomfort as well.

During Pregnancy

Compression socks or stockings are widely accepted by medical professionals as a helpful tool during pregnancy to combat leg fatigue and swelling. In some of the patients it also helps to prevent the development of varicose veins. Pantyhose styles are popular for women who are pregnant, especially if they go out for work even during the last stages of the trimester. The abdominal section of this style has no compression and accommodates with the growing belly as the pregnancy progresses.

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During Cardio Exercises or Sports

Athletes will experience noticeable changes if they start wearing compression socks during the exercise or playing sports. This helps toin valuable proprioceptive feedback and reduce muscular vibrations during impact, which prevents the feeling of muscle cramps. Compression socks also helpsto reduce lactic acid buildup in the lower legs and reduce the feeling of leg fatigue. Looks for the knee high socks that are designed with a sweat/moisture wicking and antimicrobial fabric material.

Get in touch with one of the sought after compression socks manufacturer and communicate your requirements for bulk socks. You can even browse through the expansive virtual catalog to find customizable sample designs of such functional socks. Reach out to the help team communicating your bulk needs for the same!

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