Three Popular Patterns for Formal Socks

There have been times when socks have been our only way to survive the excruciating cold weather or an extensively heavy game practice. For all sports persons, socks play a very important role in providing optimum support through garments. Keeping aside specialized utilities, socks are important apparels to protect us from harsh climatic conditions.

Since ages, these are the only clothing materials that have successfully survived through ages for being our feet protectors. Be it from cracks or cold feet in minus degree weather conditions, socks have played a crucial part in ensuring our survival. It is also a mark of global fashion influencing the lifestyle of the people. For example, nowadays a very popular socks fashion is patterns. These are very popularly worn in formal spaces. One of the most renowned socks manufacturer usa have had the audacity to bring out new styles on office formals that includes socks. Read on to this blog more to have a better idea.

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The Popularones Worth Pointing Out

In formal spaces such as offices and schools or organizations, there are certain dress codes that are needed to be adhered to. Speaking from the perspective of a fashion enthusiast, there are three patterns in socks formal designing that have been popular in the last decade. They are-

  1. Stripes – Being the most common pattern of all, striped socks are a definite ‘yes’ as formal attire. There are numerous stripped designs to choose from, starting from woolen stickers to cotton stitches. The different materials vary in utility, yet they rock the formal floors without a speck of doubt.
  2. Checks – Checks or diamonds as a pattern on socks work wonders if there is an occasion where people are heading out for a formal meet, wearing checked socks can be effective. Providing you with that professional look, one is sure to form connections by their physical appeal and charm.
  3. Dotted – Dots on socks in the form of normal sport or other designs can go a long way if they are paired with the perfect set of garments. For example, an yellow shirt with black trousers would go amazingly well with a pair of black socks with grey dotted patterns on it.

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