The Ultimate Kids’ Socks Guide: How to Choose Them

Though you may put more energy and importance into finding the perfect shoes for your kids, but selecting the right socks amongst the kids socks wholesale is just as crucial. The best kids’ socks not just protect those small feet but also make their shoes feel even more comfortable.

Make sure to use this easy and simple guide to shop for the right styles, sizes and types of socks for your sweetheart.

How to Check the Size

If you ever put on a pair of socks which after wearing you didn’t like, you simply take them off and put on another pair. The little ones not always express this discomfort and so it’s up to you to ensure that they fit properly.

The ideal pair of socks should fit the foot in the right way. See to it that the sock’s heel meets your kid’s heel. The sock is likely too large for your child’s foot if it’s too high up. It is too small if the heel appears underneath their foot. Without bunching up anywhere, the material should also sit flush to the foot. This is particularly essential when children put their shoes on, as a large sock can easily feel uneasy if it sags inside the shoe. Lastly, make sure to inspect the seam of the sock’s toes. For a clean, smooth finish, they should sit directly over the top of your kid’s toes.

Sock Styles

After you are done determining the most appropriate kid’s sock sizes, it’s now time to select a few socks styles that will best suit your child’s taste and look. You will notice there are plenty of varieties available as you shop. Serving a specific purpose, each style is designed with different needs in mind.

  • Knee-High Socks

The knee-high socks sometimes called the trouser socks boasts a built-in elastic element along the opening, that makes them stay in place once they are pulled up. This feature is especially good for active children who are constantly found tugging on loose socks as they are playing and running.

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  • Crew Cut Socks

One of the common styles is the crew cut sock. Whether you are seeking dress socks or athletic socks for your kid, the crew cut sock style works for both with a comfortable and an easy fit.

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  • Boot Socks

When winter arrives, the boot socks become essential as you swap those frequently worn slip-ons and sneakers for more weather-friendly boots. Perfect for keeping your child’s toes warm on chilly days, they normally come in a thicker fabric and are generally long enough to extend along the full shaft of the boot.

  • Quarter Socks

The quarter socks rise to about an inch above the ankle. They give a classic athletic look of a shortened crew cut with the ease of the ankle sock for everyday wear. Make sure to go for quarter socks in variety of fun designs and colors for boys and girls.

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Sock Types

Apart from selecting a style, you also need to find the right type of socks for your children. For a better understanding of the options available for children, learn more about the variety of sock types by going through this list below.

  • Dress Socks

Reserved for special occasions, the dress socks are normally designed with thinner fabrics. Check out the dress socks in a variety of lengths that ranges from knee-high to crew cut, in neutral colors like brown, navy, and black.

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  • Fun Socks

For most kids, socks with themes and designs are a must! The extremely popular fun socks for children feature energetic prints, vivacious designs, and vibrant colors. Kids love showing off the fun sock motifs and patterns and most parents like that they pair well with shorts, jeans, and skirts.

  • Athletic Socks

If you have super-active children who are like always doing something or the other, the athletic socks are often designed using the thicker materials to support a busier lifestyle. Many of these socks include cushioning on the sides to increase your child’s comfort as they run.

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  • Themed Socks

Sometimes, the season’s holidays and weather may influence the sock styles and patterns you choose. Surprise your kids with designs that appear during special occasions of the year. Adding a few pair of themed socks to your kid’s wardrobe will get them excited for the season while increasing their sock options at the same time.

When you are Shopping Socks for your Baby

Apart from focusing on fit and style, make sure you check the comfort, construction, and durability of the socks. Remember, features like design and pattern are important but they should always be considered after functionality.

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