The Many Different Kinds of Socks You Must Know About

Socks are the most ignored stuff in our closet. We don’t put much thought whilst purchasing a pair of sublimation socks wholesale. Fascinatingly, a nice pair of attire appropriate socks can lift give a lift to your look. Socks come in a range of different styles, lengths, and materials. They guard our feet from frostbites, fungi, dust, shoe bites, and keep our feet in decent shape. Here are key kinds of socks that you must take into consideration whilst buying them on your next shopping trip.

Football Socks

Football socks are mainly worn to guard legs throughout extreme sports. They also put off swelling of feet due to stress and exertion as they are cushioned at heels and feet. They are more often than not made from cotton fabric with a mix of polyester and spandex fibers for the proper fit, durability, and easy ventilation.

Thigh-High Socks

As the name implies, these socks go over the knees and reach the thighs. Just like knee-length socks there are more mainly worn by ladies and look wonderful with dresses and skirts.

Knee-Length Socks

Ladies mainly wear knee-length socks. They offer cushioning effect and extra warmth throughout the severe winters and can be sported with boots for outside activities.

Calf Length Socks

Calf-length socks wrap your calf but hit right beneath the knee. Sports lovers typically wear them for defense from any injury. Ladies too sport these socks throughout winters with winter or fur boots.

Mid-Calf Length Socks

These socks reach some inches beneath the knee and are designed to keep your feet cozy. They can be styled with dress shoes, boots, sneakers, loafers, etc. These socks are currently available in numerous fabrics and patterns for both women and men. These socks are also called tall socks or trouser socks.

Crew Length Socks

Crew socks have a length that falls between the ranges of 6-8 inches. They are ribbed at cuff and thick and can be sported daily. These socks are used to keep your feet cozy and free from dust. You can also sport them with dress shoes such as derbies, brogue, Oxford for smart casual or formal occasions. They can also be used for outside activities such as sports and hiking.

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