How to Wear Printed Socks Like a Pro?

Colorful socks have become a very trendy fashion accessory for men since the last few years. In fact, they’ve become so stylish, that men are changing their basic accessory style. The days of white socks as a fashion piece are over.

One of the popular USA sock manufacturers have come up with a trendy collection of socks that you can have a look through. Below given are a few styling tips for choosing the appropriate colorful socks to style any outfit.

  1. If you’re dressing up for a casual event, let your imagination run wild with which pair of socks to wear. There really aren’t any specific rules to follow when it comes to how to wear colorful socks. If the majority of your outfit is subdued and doesn’t have any loud pieces, throw on a funkier pair of socks with a crazy pattern. If you’re ever unsure, as yourself how you’d react if your friend or colleague wore the same pair of socks.
  2.  Depending on if you’re dressing for a casual, semi-formal, or formal event, your socks should reflect the rest of your outfit. Casual events are perfect for crazier colorful socks. Semi-formal settings may still allow for slightly crazier socks.
  3. For a more cohesive outfit, try to match your socks to your pants. You can find a pair of socks that has the same base color as your pants, or stray a couple of tones away from your pants. For example, blue socks work well with blue jeans, and grey socks work well with beige chinos. However, louder and more colorful socks are more fun to wear too!
  4. One of the upcoming trends in men’s fashion is the continuously decreasing length of men’s pants. Men are hemming their pants higher and higher, which is showing more and more of your socks. Make sure that your pants are hemmed to an appropriate length, and they’ll complement your colorful socks that much more!
  5. If you have other elements in your outfit that are very loud and patterned, it may be wise to avoid patterns on your socks. Additionally, the pattern of your pants may clash with your socks. Don’t forget to look at your outfit holistically, and see any opportunities for elements to clash!

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