How to Pick the Perfect Compression Socks?

As different varieties of compression socks are filling markets, people are getting confused about which to purchase. This guide will help you understand how to go about with your compression socks selection. As a retailer, your primary duty is to connect with a reputed wholesale socks manufacturing company to add color and vibrancy to your compression socks collection.

Identification of Suitable Compression Level

For compression socks mmHg standing for “millimetres of mercury” is used to convey how much pressure it exerts. As the compression changes according to size, you have to ensure how much pressure is comfortable for your legs.

You can wear compression socks exerting 15-20 mmHg pressure for daily use, travel and sports purpose. These compression socks can improve your blood circulation without being tight on your legs.

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If you are looking for further support, choose compression socks higher than 15-20 mmHg. Opting for 20-30 mmHg socks can prove to be effective if you have varicose veins, spider veins, swelling or have undergone surgery. Needless to say these also facilitate quicker sports recovery.

Go for 30-40 mmHg compression socks for medical recovery and daily wear. This stronger level of compression is recommended for blood clots, lymphedema, severe swelling, severe varicose veins and post surgery.

Select the compression level apt for you to feel optimum comfort and support provided by your colorful compression socks.

Decide on Socks or Stockings

Knee high compression socks stop below the bend of your knee while thigh high compression stockings cover your entire leg. The latter covering your entire thigh helps to improve circulation throughout your leg. For an appropriate selection, you have to first identify which area in your leg is affected. If you have a swelling only in your ankles, knee high socks will serve the purpose. But if you have swelling on or above the knee, consider wearing thigh high compression stockings.

Choose Style of Wear

Sheer compression stockings made of lightweight and transparent sheer fabric are easy to pair with any stylish wardrobe. But opaque fabrics are a better choice if you are looking for compression socks that are durable and effective. Compression socks for running and sports are composed of materials that control heat and moisture. Sport materials are usually available in lower compression levels as 15-20 mmHg and 20-30 mmHg. For conditions that require 30-40 mmHg or higher compression, opaque fabrics with strong containment are recommended.

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Being a retailer if your concern is to include in your socks collection high-tech compression socks, you should get in touch with one of the best sock manufacturers wholesale. The ever-expanding socks catalog of such a manufacturing hub will surely include sublimated socks, athletic socks, compression socks, yoga socks and other impressive ones.

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