How to Choose the Correct Athletic Socks?

If you wish to improve your running skills, besides picking the running shoes and insoles fit for you, a pair of fitting athletic socks from one of the popular athletic sock manufacturers is also the major point.

Let us tell you how to pick athletic socks that fit your feet best.

Verify Your Foot Arch Type

It’s crucial to know your foot arch type. As different foot arch types need different functional athletic socks. The initial step is finding out whether you have “standard arches”, “high arches”, or “flat feet”.

Simply follow these basic steps to take a foot arch test:

Step inside the water with one foot, and ensure all parts of your foot bottom get soggy.

Take out your foot from the water, and step inside a piece of flattened color cardboard or paper that will reveal your footprint.

Take off your foot from the cardboard/paper and take a picture.

Go over the procedure with your other foot.

Take your footprint and we will familiarize you with how “flat feet” or “high arches” folks pick their athletic socks.

High Arches

If you only see your toes, the ball of your foot, and your heel in your footprint, you have high arches. Having high arches implies that less of your foot touches the ground when running or walking. It offers less shock absorption and might result in arch flexibility, a tight Achilles tendon, or ankle pain.

If you have high arches, the socks with cushion are very crucial. The cushion can support your feet to soak impact properly.

Flat Feet

If the footprint is nearly practically a whole foot, you most likely have flat feet. It implies you have less arch support than standard arches. It is just painful when you running or walking, but it might lead to other more grave issues. Like you might feel fatigued or pain along the inner side of your arches and feet, or feel lower back taut easily.

We recommend you go for socks designed with very efficient arch support functions. The arch support design helps in easing the pain of your feet, and also offers decent circulation of blood flow on your feet. Good blood circulation would keep your feet nimble and being able to work out easily.

Business owners if you too wish to source functional athletic socks for your retail store write to the support team of wholesale sock manufacturers right away. Drop a mail stating your bulk needs in detail.

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