How to Buy Socks for Hiking

Take a hike in a pair of amazing hiking socks from popular private label sock manufacturers USA. If you wish to enjoy nature to its fullest you need a pair that will keep your feet blister-free and cozy. Get your hands on the finest technical hiking socks and cool socks to muse over the trail. Merino wool hiking socks with amazing features and a lifetime guarantee are the way to go. You can also opt for woolen socks or breathable synthetic socks which you can wear when you’re sensitive to wool. If you want the aesthetic of a PNW outdoorsy vibe then look for brands that will offer the same whilst reminding you of your much-loved trail.

How to Determine the Height of a Sock?

Selecting the proper sock height for your hiking boots or other shoes to decrease abrasion and friction is very essential, so if you’re wondering about how long your socks must be you can look up a proper sock height guide. If you own hiking boots with ankle support, you need to ensure and choose a crew sock or boot sock that rises above your footwear to put off chafing. For those of us going for lighter-weight hiking footwear with a lower profile, a quarter-height sock might be the way to go. You will find many quarters and crew length sock options to aid meet the needs of your trail conditions.

How Much Cushioning do you Need?

How do you pick the right level of cushioning for your socks? Thicker cushioned socks will keep your feet cozy throughout chilly winter hikes, and socks with light cushioning that allow your feet to breathe are amazing for warmer days on the trail. The correct socks for chilly temperatures will have extra cushioning to keep your feet cozy. If you invest in the heavy cushion as well as light cushion socks you will have options for spring, winter, and fall hiking. If you’re in luck and the weather forecast is bright and sunny, then you might want to pick from a light cushion or ultra-light range of socks. Don’t let the lack of cushion dupe you, those socks put off blistering just like their thicker counterparts.

Fiber Content

Wicking away moisture to keep your feet comfy is extremely essential no matter the duration of your outdoor adventures. Merino wool socks are an amazing choice as they are both anti-microbial and wicking.

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