How Socks Are The Savior For Winter

The sock drawer is probably crowded with a huge collection of trending new cotton socks, but none of them will help it when the chill hits hard! Cotton socks are strangely and particularly a very bad idea during winter months, and if the wearer is associated with a strenuous physical activity, it is the perfect recipe to get a cold-feet, or worse a frostbitten toe! Wearing cotton socks during the winter will make the foot way cooler than no sock whatsoever.

Want To Know Why?

Cotton socks are terrible choices to wear during winter as the low insulation provided by these socks work in an opposite direction and can hold moisture, longer than necessary. If the sock gets wet, the insulation value is reduced to zero, and it coats the foot with a layer of perspiration! The reason for this is, when the body is undergoing a physical strenuous activity, the foot sweats and cotton socks are perfect to absorb the moisture, but fails at releasing it, this causes the person wearing them cold foot, or even slimy feet which will release the worst stench when the shoes are opened.

Pick out the right socks today for the winter, and read on this blog to know how it aids your body in winter:

  • Wearing the right sock will keep the body well insulated and will help the wearer to feel warm inside out.
  • Having a sock glided up your foot will also keep your feet from getting dirty. So, resorting to this is not a bad option indoors.
  • Materials like wool, Isowool, fleece are excellent sweat absorbents and they are used to keep the body warm without giving a soggy wet feet, even if the feet is wet these socks don’t lose their insulation properties and are always the best choice for athletes and anyone who are entitled to strenuous physical work!
  • The sock liner is the most important thing that keeps the feet dry and in cold weather the liner pulls a double duty! It, ads extra insulation and transfers the perspiration from the foot of the wearer to the sock directly.
  • If you are resorting to the right winter sock, then less breathability will be the main thing why your feet will not feel the chills and will eventually will not transfer it throughout the body!

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