Elaborate Guide To Sublimated Socks Vs Knitted Socks

While knitted socks are crafted with computer-controlled precision needles and optical sensors, sublimation socks are printed by the fusion of heat and ink. Both have their own benefits and visual appeal. If you are a private label business owner, contact a top-notch private labelsocks supplierto make your socks selection attractive and color-popping.

Knitted Socks

After you submit a design, a knitting machine carries out the production of knitted socks. Here, an emblem does not get embroidered onto the socks but the logo gets knitted into the very fabric that crafts them.

Noteworthy characteristics of Knitted Socks:

  • These are cheaper to produce. Ideally, the logo is knitted using threads. You can get them in any material of your choice, including wool, hemp, synthetic fiber and cotton.
  • Such socks look awesome when blocky and contrasting designs are used by the machine to knit them. The captivating design becomes a part of the socks as the knitting process involves its inclusion onto the sock’s fabric.
  • Knitted socks have a more luxurious look as the logo is knitted into the fabric of the socks.
  • You can choose knitted socks in a variety of styles like designer, street-wear and classic styles. The styling depends on the variety of threads and needles used.
  • One of its most unique features is that knitted designs are limited to needle count. Needles act out the same functionality of pixel density.

Sublimated Socks

For sublimation socks, once you provide an image of the design, it gets printed into the design of the material. Use of heat press at high temperature along with pressure incorporates the transfer of image onto the socks. The sublimation ink when heated turns from solid to gaseous form, which after cooling again transforms to original solid form. It dries out as part of the socks, forming the desired designs.

Noteworthy Characteristics of Sublimated Socks:

  • An entire socks length can be printed with a single image or multiple ones using sublimation technique.
  • You can choose faces for socks design as sublimation technology allows printing of socks with photos.
  • You can easily print an artwork through sublimation printing. A well-drawn image can soon appear as an outstanding image on the socks the moment sublimation ink and heat are involved, followed by cooling of the ink.
  • The sublimation process is simple and straightforward as long as you follow the instructions on the machine. You just have to be aware when to use a darker background and when to put white or near-white background.
  • You can use artwork of any style at high-resolution as sublimation lets you be creative to highlight details.

sublimation socks

Thus, featuring their own benefits, both knitted and sublimated socks are spectacular and fascinating. To expand your private label business, collaborate with one of the renowned private label sock manufacturers with a magnanimous socks catalog.

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