Elaborate Guide on Socks Sublimation Printing

One of the most popular printing methods for socks is that of dye sublimation printing. You can get any colorful design applied onto your socks as well as any picture or pattern that can be printed using this method without compromising the socks comfort and elasticity. If you are a retailer in the hope of expanding your socks collection, avail contact of one of the estimated wholesale sock manufacturers USA with abundant socks supply.

Technology of Sublimation Printing on Socks

Though dye sublimation printing has its roots in old times, the concept of sublimation socks is a modern innovation. For this, first the patterns are printed on a high-peel paper with sublimation characteristics. Then, the socks and paper are closely compressed along with the application of both high pressure and high temperature. This way the solid pigment gets sublimated into gas molecules and ultimately, gets fixed onto the fibers. Finally, the colors get transferred to the socks. Unlike digital printing, this sublimation technology needs a medium to transfer the pigment.

Advantages of Sublimation Printed Socks

The main impressive thing about these socks is that they offer the scope for printing any striking color or design. As opposed to offset printing, this unique method keeps the colors glued steadily. This high color reproduction with solid socks as canvas ensures that the quality and comfort are retained. Due to this simple printing technology, vast production and copying of custom socks can be facilitated. This process is also eco-friendly as the pigment is transferred through a medium and not directly.

Why People are Loving This?

The craze for sublimation printing on white socks has created quite a stir among people as they are digging in the production and printing of beautiful designs and prints so quickly. The eye-catching creativity that customization of socks offers is a trend that fashion enthusiasts are eagerly opting for. A pair of socks in plain color looks elegant but a little edge and individuality are applauded outputs of sublimation printing.

As a business owner if you want to update your socks category with fascinating sublimation socks, you must connect with an established socks supplier. Such a destination is sure to include in its catalog vibrant and impressive sublimation socks wholesale.

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