Coolest Tips to Design the Perfect Pair of Custom Socks

One of the sought after private label socks manufacturer in USA is offering cost-effective services for business owners’ custom needs. Therefore, you can choose to invest in socks that are essentially designed for your own brand!

Given in the blog below are some tips that will help you to take the leap! If you want to design like a pro, then read on to know about the basics and our creative team is always here to help you.

High Quality Image

The better the image, the better will your socks your out to be. A high-quality image is great because it is a great indicator of how sharp your custom socks will turn out. If it looks blurry or fuzzy on your screen, then that is what it will look like printed on the socks as well. Avoid this issue by uploading a good quality image.

Use your own graphics

Ideally you should keep it simple with graphics. When designing with the sock prints design tool,customers have access to our wide variety of graphics and icons. However, if you have a specific design already in mind, there is an option to upload to ensure that it best matches the design.

Add Text & Choose a Font

The elements of text, font size, and font selection can change the overall look and feel of the design. If you want a minimalist and modern touch, then use asans serif font, such as Sansterdam. In fact a serif font, like Riffle, adds a classy and sophisticated feel to any product. Apart from that a font such as Amelya, adds a fun flair with its many cursive and swirl details.

Composition & Placement

How will the design be seen when worn on the socks? Where do you want the graphic to appear on the leg? Do you want your design be petite and subtle or bold and loud? These are some of the features that you need to consider when playing with the composition and placement of the design on the custom socks.

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