Compression Socks And The Various Benefits They Provide Over Regular Socks

Legs and feet can swell up due to a lot of different reasons. From a long day of mostly standing up while at work, to walking or jogging a few miles in the morning, travelling in a 12-hour flight or women in the third trimester of pregnancy, all can be reasons for swollen and sore legs. Whatever the reason is, it’s unnerving to look down at your legs and feet and see it unnaturally reddish and bloated. Calf and ankles get so swollen sometimes that they are almost the same size. It is an overall painful experience for the individual and can lead to prolonged discomfort. This is where compression socks come into play.

What Are Compression Socks?

More elastic and tight-fitting than regular socks, compression socks are specially made to promote good venous circulation by applying a subtle pressure to the legs, ankles, and feet. The concept of putting pressure on the legs to treat injuries and aid with certain medical conditions dates back to the 1950s. Compression socks aid with Chronic Venous Insufficiency. Graduated compression socks have been recently launched in the market that is tighter in ankles and less snug in the calf area which has been designed to enhance the venous blood flow in the legs and reduce pain and inflammation.

Qualities of Compression Socks

  • Effective For Healing Leg Pain

Compression socks work wondrously by providing a tight fit around the feet and ankles which makes them almost difficult to put on and somewhat less snug at the calves. However these should not be so constricting that it leads to discomfort while wearing them on your feet for a subsequent amount of time, yet they should be tight around the calves so a not to slide down from the legs.

  • Premium Quality Fabric

To provide the snug fit and appropriate pressure, compression socks should be composed of durable, elastic fibers instead of the flimsy or cottony materials that regular socks are made of. The socks should have sweat-wicking abilities used to draw moisture out and quicken the rate of evaporation which is best suited for people with infections.

  • Value For Money

Compression socks come at extremely reasonable rates and do not dig a hole into your pocket. Compared to the various advantages that it provides such as healing leg injuries, reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation in the legs, and looking fashionable, etc. these socks come at unbelievably low prices while not compromising on the quality of the products.

Importance of Investing In Socks By Leading Manufacturers

In can be quite tricky to make compression socks since the quality of the fabric, stitch and the amount of pressure it applies on the feet are essential determining factors. A poor quality compression socks will easily wear out and start tearing up after a few weeks of usage, the color will start fading after a few washes and the fabric will loosen up. Retailers and private level business owners should consider buying wholesale compression socks from only the best sock vendors in the market to provide their customers with products of unparalleled quality.

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Compression Socks And The Various Benefits They Provide Over Regular Socks

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