All About The Unique Tradition Of Gifting Socks For Christmas!

Wondering what’s the link between Christmas and socks? Well, starting from the connection between Christmas stockings and socks to using X-mas socks as gift bags, there’s a lot of reasons why the holiday season reminds us of socks, especially the ones depicting Christmas themes. Here, we shall take a closer look at this and explore why there’s such a craze about gifting colorful socks on the occasion of Christmas.

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The winter weather is ideal for wearing socks

Christmas takes place at that time of the year when it’s the coldest. So, it’s a highly practical idea to present a few pairs of warm and cozy socks that’ll protect your feet for the rest of winter season. Also, if woolen socks become wet and soggy by soaking snow, rain or mud, wearers tend to hang them by the fireplace for drying them. Our unique observation is that doing so creates a much familiar scene of decorating the fireplace with Christmas stockings during this festive time. Thus, gifting socks to your loved ones will not only be a useful present for them to stay comfortable in the chilly weather but also allow them to use it as a classic décor piece throughout the holiday season.

How Christmas stockings originated?

The story of Christmas stockings started long time back with the generous Saint Nicholas bestowing gifts on the dwellers of Myra, specifically the children. Legend has it that once this kind saint took pity on a poor widower and her three daughters who couldn’t afford dowry for their weddings. Nicholas visited their house at night when they were sleeping and finding their stockings hung up for drying, filled them with plenty of gold coins. This significant event and the ritual of celebrating his feast day among Christians in Europe soon spread to America, giving rise to the character of Santa Claus. All of us have heard how Santa is often known to place his gifts for children inside socks hung around the fireplace!

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Later in the 1800s, the Victorians focused on decorations and gifts as the essence of Christmas and popularized the practice of handcrafting or purchasing socks as holders of Christmas presents. These stockings were exquisitely embroidered with Christmassy motifs and gradually became a favorite of kids as these were bigger than usual socks and could fit in a lot of exciting presents! From candies, chocolates and little toys to nuts, oranges and small socks, many lovely gifts were and still are, stuffed inside these magically ornated socks!

Stockings are stuffed with socks

Ever tried knitting a pair of socks? This can not only be time-consuming but also drain your expenses if you use top-quality materials. In old times, when socks weren’t technically manufactured, people had to knit a fresh pair by hand every Christmas. Though now it’s much easier to gift socks these days, that doesn’t mean their value has become less. Socks exhibiting fun designs or prints echoing the Christmas theme such as that of Santa Claus, reindeer, bells, stars, snowman etc. make wonderful Christmas gifts and inexpensive stuffers for stockings. Hence, socks serve as cute, practical and personalized gifts for X-mas. So, go ahead and fill your colorfully decorated stockings with more fluffy socks or stockings this enchanting holiday season!

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